Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated 6mm Simulated White Opal Station Bracelet, 8 inches

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This set is made entirely of rhodium plated sterling silver and high quality simulated opal. Our radiant simulated opal reflects back all the colors of the rainbow, easily convincing others it's the real thing.
The opal beads measure 6mm (1/4 in).

About Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver. 92.5% of sterling silver is pure silver, and the other 7. 5% are other metals (usually copper) that add strength and durability to otherwise soft silver

Silver Jewelry Care
Most of our jewelry is plated with rhodium to prevent tarnishing and give silver a more expensive, “white gold” look. However, unplated silver will tarnish with time when exposed to air and light. This is natural, and can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth. Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry, dark place to avoid faster tarnishing, separately wrapped in a cloth to prevent it from being scratched by other jewelry.
Rhodium plated sterling silver featuring simulated opal
Opal beads measure 6mm (1/4 in)
8 inches long
Weighs 2.65g

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