Skyllc Opal Beads Braided Adjustable Bracelet Bangle Women Chic

By: christine
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Premium quality, delicated arts and crafts
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Material: Opal Size: approx. 12 mm
Condition: 100% new
Weight: approx. 14 g
Quantity: 1 pc
Conversion: 1 mm = 0.0394 inch, 1g = 5 carat
Simple&Elegant Design with opal , Suits for Female of All Ages.
Adjustable Size, cleanning and maintenance are easy to manage.
Adorned for appeal and bewitching breathtakingness, ah cruel heartbreaker! Functional with flair. In the pursuit of assembling a look that articulates the celebration inside. A design philosophy that states understated elegant with a little bit of over the top tastefulness.

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