Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver and Created Opal Heart Tennis Bracelet, 7.25″

By: christine
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Tennis bracelet featuring linked sterling silver and created opal hearts
Box clasp with tongue and safety

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Price for all: $127.69

This tennis bracelet may look delicate but it’s really not. Believe me, I always horse around my toddler niece and her baby brother, and there were a couple of times that my nephew grabbed at my bracelet and pulled. I was really surprised that it held together, even the clasp.

I love the design, particularly the alternating simulated Opal adorning every other “heart.” I use it almost everywhere I go. Sometimes, I think it’s second nature since I put it even before any other piece of jewelry that I own.

It’s quite pricey when you can buy fashion jewelry at less than $15, but the rhodium-plated band did it for me. The clean-cut opal and the mirror-like band allows the bracelet to change its colors like a chameleon depending on from where I am looking.

I also received some nice compliments about my bracelet from my friends, and they could not believe the price when I told them.

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