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– beautiful natural Opal bead suspended in a silver ball chain. – Opal is a natural stone. Each bead has a slightly different shade. – necklace measures 14 inches long, plus an extension chain. – handmade and packaged in kraft gift box.

This single opal bead necklace is one of my choices. Its simple but elegant design captures the eyes of people. Known as one of the natural birthstones, opal is a perfect choice if you want to keep a few pieces of jewelry in your collection.

This opal bead necklace comes with different shades. You would not always find a complete replica because this is a real stone.

This necklace is carefully made by hand. The gorgeous opal bead hangs on a silver chain that has a length of 14 inches. It also has an additional chain for the lock.

You can wear this necklace in any occasion, whether you just plan of going to the church, having a casual dinner with your friends, or attending a grand wedding. This necklace creates a natural but classy statement.

This opal bead necklace suits ladies of all ages and skin types. It creates a younger look that will surely charm your suitors.

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