Lab Created White Opal & Cz .925 Sterling Silver Ring size 7

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White Fire Opal & Cz .925 Sterling Silver Ring sizes 5-10
.925 Solid Sterling Silver
white opal
2.1 grams
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Don’t let the very affordable price fool you. Just look at it and tell me it doesn’t look very expensive. You won’t be embarrassed wearing this piece of jewelry in your office or on a night out with friends.

Another advantage is the rhodium-plated band, setting and prongs, which give the ring that nice mirror effect.

The lab-created white Opal nestled on the gemstone station and held by four prongs is able to pick up different prisms of light depending on where you are looking.  The cubic Zirconia that surrounds it while spilling over to the thin band only adds to the splendor.

Even if you don’t like this for yourself, this simple yet elegant ring is a perfect gift to give out to a loved one, particularly for an adolescent or teenager. They will appreciate the gesture, and it won’t hurt as much if they will accidentally lose it.

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