Lab Created Opal .925 Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets 7.25″ (Blue)

By: christine
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Lab Created Opal .925 Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets
6 mm
.925 Solid Sterling Silver
11.2 Gram
Elegant Bangle

I love how futuristic it looks in what seems like a simple design. The turquoise-simulated gemstones also stand out against my skin. To me, the metal work appears like waves that are about to collide with each other, perpetually frozen in time. I just find it romantic.

This is lab created so there’s nothing much to expect in terms of clarity of the gemstone, but the average person won’t really notice whether the opal is simulated or not. At least, not my friends and they were pretty complimentary about my bracelet. And when I told them how much it costs me, then, that did it for them.

The band is made of 92.5% sterling silver and 100% hypoallergenic, which is a blessing for women like me with sensitive skin. I always get rashes when I’m wearing a fashion jewelry, but with this one, I have no such problem. It’s certainly a good buy.

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