Irish Claddagh Lab Created White Opal Ring Sterling Silver Size 8

By: christine
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Solid Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh White Opal Ring
Solid Sterling Silver
Lab Created Australian Opal
Top Quality
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fine Craftsmanship
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I just love the details on this Irish Claddagh white Opal ring. If you look closely, you can see two hands gently clutching the heart-shaped lab-crated Opal.

There are a lot of symbolisms in the design, I’m sure.But for me, I see it like opening myself up to the person, or in this case, somebody gave it to me and it’s like he’s giving his heart for me to take care of it. That’s just an amazing feeling.

My curiosity even got the better of me that I had to research what the Irish Claddagh ring is all about. It turns out that it’s about loyalty and love.

In fact, the design you can see there has three meanings: the heart about love, the crown about loyalty, and the two hands represent friendship. I think that’s just beautiful.

If anything else, it’s a good conversational piece, and for that awesome price!

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