Alex and Ani Wrap, June Birth Month Stackable Ring, Size 5-7

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Infinite • Unbroken • ConnectionIt's all about the rings. Heirlooms passed down for generations, gilded or sparkling, there's something infinitely iconic about them. The way they adorn us – the way they transcend time – ever changing and never ending. Speak to your style and let your rings sculpt your story. Details:
Rafaelian Silver finish.

Face Height : 1⁄7 in
Face Width : 3⁄13 in
Face Length : 4⁄9 in
Weight: 0.1 oz
Handmade rings may range a 1/2 size up or down
Made in United States
Crafted with Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals, the perfect addition to your charmed fingers. Adjustable from 2.2″ to 2.6″.
Made in USA

Those born in the month of June are said to be those who are pure in heart and the center of attention. Thus, it’s only right that their birthstone is the pearl! Long has it been the symbol of purity, having once believed to be the tears of joy of Venus herself. With its soothingly round appearance and eye-catching luster, it’s sure to capture the attention of any onlooker who’s fortunate enough to see it.

This quaint little wrap ring from Alex and Ani gives the pearl a somewhat special way of adorning your hand, different from the conventional pearl rings or bracelets. This beautiful piece is crafted with Swarovski pearls and sterling silver, with a Rafaelian silver finish to give it that pleasant glow that’s attractive and elegant but not too overbearing. This ring is a brilliant gift for anyone special in your life that was born in June.

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