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Turtle Necklace

This is my turtle necklace collection. I have always had a fascination with turtles and when the turtles charm first came out I immediately fell in love with it. Turtle pendants really are the cutest things and when it comes to turtle jewelry I find that you can wear it with all different types of outfit.

Sea turtles are very interesting creatures and so wearing a turtle gem necklace makes for a great talking point whether you are going to the cinema with close friends or going to an evening dinner or a special occasion.

I have tried to include a wide range of styles on this page; I have included at least one sterling silver turtle necklace for those special occasions, pendant necklaces as well as turtle necklaces made from silver, wood and gold.

Each one of the turtle jewelry items featured here makes for a great gift to treat yourself but also can be an ideal present for a close friend or loved one. If you really want to show someone how much they mean to you, what better way than to give them a turtle necklace gift.

The turtle necklace meaning makes them even more fascinating – originating from Hawaii the turtle necklace represents one of the oldest sea creatures on earth (The turtle) and is said to bring good luck as well as symbolizing endurance and long life.