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October Birthstone Rings

Of all the types of jewelry that you can fit an opal onto I think the opal ring has to be my favorite. The thing about the October birthstone ring is that its a relatively inexpensive stone but at the same time it looks fantastic. It is as impressive, if not more so, than a diamond in my opinion and like any piece of birthstone jewelry it is very special and holds more significance than other jewelry.

Because of this I love all of my October birthstone jewellery and always look for the biggest opal stones that I can find when I am buying my jewelry. There are a few October birthstones (For example blue tourmalines, green tourmaline and blue topaz) but opal is the most common and with an opal gemstone ring you really can push the boat out in terms of the size of opal that you go for.

Once again I have hand picked each ring for this category and my selection is based on my personal taste, value for money and functionality – in other words, most of the rings on this page will match with the majority of outfits and are suitable for most occasions.

All of the rings in the category feature Octobers opal genstone in varying quantities and the rings range from 14k gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver with 14k gold detailing. There are quite a few different ring styles here as well including wedding bands and other wedding ring styles. As well as the range of styles I have included different variations of the October gemstone including both white and pink opal rings. Hopefully you can find one that suits your taste.

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