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Opal Necklace

I love the opal gemstone and the opal necklace is one of my favorite items of jewelry. The opal is one of the worlds most beautiful and exquisite stones and most commonly comes from the far reaches of Australia which to me makes it seem even more special.

The opal gemstone is a remarkably beautiful gem and even labcreated opals look amazing. The Opal pendant goes particularly well with silver jewelry such as a gold necklace and thanks to the dazzling reflection produced by opals it can end up looking just like a diamond necklace or a cubic zirconia.

Another reason that I love this gemstone is because it reminds me of pearl jewelry – it has that same sort of fascinating glow about it – its not just reflective of light but it also shows many different colors when you look into the stone and this makes it appear almost mystical in its nature.

The great thing about an opal necklace is that the colors are very complex and interchanging so it can be worn with many different styles and colors of outfit. What tends to happen is that whatever outfit you wear you find that similar colors are pulled out of the opal gemstone and this makes it match with a much wider range of outfits than other types of necklaces.

I have included a pretty extensive selection of necklaces featuring the opal ranging from dainty necklaces with opal drop style gems through to white opal and pink necklaces.